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Helping 6 Figure Coaches add an extra $100k+ to their yearly income with 

Paid Memberships


I support 6 figure Coaches to set up a system that allows them to create, sell and run a Paid Membership based on their niche expertise, that can help them add an additional $100k plus in sales per year to their business without having to work with any additional 1:1 Clients and without using any paid ads.


 Instead of needing to take leads on a discovery call and then delivering that programme to them on a 1:1 basis, my Clients can leverage their time to work with hundreds, or even thousands of people at once using the brilliant Paid Membership Business Model.


Typically my Clients only need to work a maximum of 3 working days total per month to run their Paid Memberships - including content creation, marketing, audience growth, organic sales and then looking after their new Members. This is an incredibly time efficient way to add in an extra $10k per month to a Coaching Business bottom line.


If you’re already running a successful coaching business and you’re ready to ramp up your income by an extra 6 figures, then adding in a Monthly paid Membership based on your zone of expertise is definitely a smart move to make.


As your diary gets busier and busier with 1:1s and discovery calls, I know things can start feeling a bit cramped. To ensure you’ve got a route ahead with your business that’s going to allow you the freedom to do what you want with your time and money, it’s a great idea to start leveraging your time and expertise by running a Paid Membership, so that you can take time out of your business to focus on you and the people and things you love.


I typically work with my Clients on a Four Session Intensive, to get your brilliant Membership created and up and running.



The Paid Membership Intensive


Paid Memberships are an incredible way to expand your reach and earning potential, whilst working less hours. By creating a monthly Paid Membership, you will be making a resource that is accessible for the masses - not just for those who are able to invest in your 1:1 Coaching Programs.


We will work together over four sessions on the following areas:



Session 1: Deciding on your Ideal Membership Model and Ideal Member 


We will establish with crystal clear clarity who your ideal Member is going to be - what problems they have, what their goals are and where your Membership is going to step in to be an incredible resource and invaluable support for them.


This will be based 100% on your zone of expertise and passion, to ensure that you are able to provide an exceptional experience for your Members.



Session 2: Plotting out your Membership Content, Benefits and Resources


We will plot out what topic themes you're going to include each month for the next 12 months in your Paid Membership. We will establish what you'll be including each month to ensure your members get an incredible experience for their money, so that they stay with you for the long run, not just a month or two.


We'll also work out your pricing strategy, so that you'll know when it's a good time to start raising your monthly fees.



Session 3: How to host your Membership for an amazing, secure Member experience that's easy for you to

build and use


I will walk you through how to host your Membership, so that it’s secure and only your paying members can access it. This will be an amazing space for you to grow your Membership community but will also be incredibly easy for you to maintain.


User experience is a big factor in retaining Members, so I will show you step by step how to build a secure, beautiful space that is incredibly time efficient for you to create and maintain, plus allows you to easily review your income targets and how your Members are consuming your Content.



Session 4: Your ongoing Organic Sales Plan to take you to a $100k+ per year Membership income stream


We will create your Organic Sales Plan for how you are going to find and recruit members ongoing, so that your Membership numbers can snowball and you can start reaching those income months of $10k that are ready to scale as far as you want, as quickly as possible.



Typically I work with my Clients across 4 weeks to complete this Intensive. You will need to complete an assignment prior to each of our 1:1 sessions, to ensure we get the most possible out of our time together on our calls.



If this Membership Intensive sounds like a good fit for your needs, then you can book in a 20 minute call with me to ask any questions you may have about us working together by accessing my diary here:  https://www.heartpassiveincome.com/Calendar


  Alternatively, please feel free to email me on laura@heartpassiveincome.com or send me a Private Message on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/laura.jeffery.94695 and I will be happy to answer any queries you may have.



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